Saturday, February 26, 2011

How to Insert Page Numbers in Excel 2007

Adding Page Numbers
1. Open the worksheet to which you would like to add sequential numbering, and select the 'Insert' tab from the text group.
2. Choose 'Header and Footer' and then select 'Click to add header,' or 'Click to add footer,' depending on where you would like the numbers to be located. This will display the 'Header and Footer Tools' option.
3. In order to select the location of the page number, you will choose the left, center or right section of the header or footer you have decided on.
4. Click 'Page Number' from the 'Header and Footer Elements group.'
5. Once you see 'Page' appear, press the space bar once and then type the word 'of' followed by a space. This will allow you to add the total number of pages to the document. Next, click 'Number of Pages' from the 'Header and Footer Elements' group.
Completing the Process
6. Once the placeholder '[Page] of [Pages]' appears, click anywhere outside of the header or footer to display the actual page numbers in your 'Page Layout View.'
7. You can choose to start with a different number by clicking 'Page Setup,' and then 'Page Layout.'
8. From there, you can click the dialog launcher beside 'Page Setup.'
9. On the 'Page' tab, you would simply change the 'First Page Number' option to whatever you prefer.

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