Friday, July 12, 2013

How to Add an Axis Title to an Excel Chart

1. Start Microsoft Excel 2007 and open a spreadsheet from your files that contains a chart to which you would like to add an axis title.
2. Select the entire Excel chart by clicking in the white area of the chart. A light blue line will surround the entire chart indicating it has been selected.
3. Choose the 'Layout' tab at the top of the Excel screen and locate the 'Labels' group within the 'Layout' ribbon.
4. Click the 'Axis Titles' button in the 'Labels' section of the 'Layout' ribbon to display a drop-down list.
5. Point to 'Primary Horizontal Axis Title' to create a title for your 'X'-axis or point to 'Primary Vertical Axis Title' to create a title for your 'Y'-axis.
6. Click to choose where you want the selected title to be displayed in relation to the rest of the chart. The selections you see will depend on how your chart is formatted. A default title for the chart will appear the in the location you have chosen.
7. Add your own title by clicking on the default title and typing your new title with your keyboard. Press the 'Enter' key when you are finished typing the title.

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