Sunday, October 28, 2012

How to Convert Quattro Pro Files to Word Documents

Converting Quattro Pro with Microsoft Excel
1. Go to “Start->Settings->Control Panel” (or “Start->Control Panel” in Windows XP).
2. Choose “Add/Remove Programs,” highlight “Microsoft Office” or “Microsoft Excel,” and click “Add/Remove.”
3. Click on “Add/Remove Features,” locate and run “Quattro Pro Converter 5.0” to install the converter, and click “Update Now” to complete.
4. Open Microsoft Excel. Go to “File->Open” and select the Quattro Pro file you wish to convert.
5. Go to “File->Save As,” select “Microsoft Excel (*.xls)” under “Save as type” and click “Save.”
Converting Quattro Pro with Media Convert
6. Open the Media Convert website.
7. Browse for and select the Quattro Pro (WB2) file you wish to convert.
8. Select “Microsoft Excel (.xls)” under “Output Format” and click “OK” to convert the file.
Pasting Excel into Microsoft Word
9. Open a new Microsoft Word document. Copy and paste the contents of your converted Excel file.
10. Click the “Paste Options” icon next to the data. Choose “Match Destination Table Style” or “Keep Source Formatting” to keep the data as tables, “Keep Text Only” to reformat the data into paragraphs of text or “Paste as Picture” (Microsoft Word 2007 only).
11. Save the document in Microsoft Word (DOC) format.
Converting Excel to Word
12. Download and install Total Excel Converter. Run the program.
13. Locate the file you wish to convert and highlight it.
14. Click “DOC” under “Convert to” to save a copy of the file in DOC format.

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