Friday, November 16, 2012

How to Make a Number Line in Excel

1. Open the Excel spreadsheet that needs to have a number line. Click the 'Insert' tab at the top of the window.
2. Click the 'Shapes' button inside the 'Illustrations' heading. Select the image of a line with an arrow at either end inside the 'Lines' heading.
3. Click the bottom line of the cell that needs to be the far left end of the number line. Drag across to the last cell that needs to the far right end of the number line. For example, click the bottom line of 'D6' and drag across to the end of the 'N6' cell to make a number line that spans from the 'D' column to the 'N' column of row 6.
4. Click the second cell in the range, such as 'E6.' Select the 'Home' tab and click the 'Borders' icon inside the 'Font' heading. Click the 'Left Border' button to add the first vertical line on the number line.
5. Repeat the process with each other cell in the range that needs to have a vertical line to designate an entry on the number line.
6. Click one of the cells below the horizontal number line that needs to have a number inserted. For example, click 'E7' if you want the first number to appear in row 7.
7. Navigate back to the 'Insert' tab and click the 'Text Box' button in the 'Text' heading. Click the cell again and drag until the text box is the size you want for the first number. Type the number in the box and then select the font size in the 'Font' drop-down menu.
8. Click the left edge of the text box and drag the number to a different location if it doesn't appear exactly where you want it on the number line. Repeat the process of creating text boxes for any other numbers that need to appear on the line.

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