Sunday, February 19, 2012

How to Insert a Static Date in Excel

1. Open Microsoft Excel 2007, and start a new spreadsheet that you would like to insert a static date into or open an existing spreadsheet from your files into which you want to insert a static date.
2. Click to select the cell to which you want to insert the static date. The cell will then be surrounded by a thick, black outline indicating it is ready for you to insert the static date into it.
3. Use your keyboard to enter the shortcut of 'CTRL' ';' into the selected cell. Both the 'CTRL' key and the semicolon key must be pressed at the same time. This keyboard shortcut will tell Excel to enter a static date into the selected cell.
4. Watch as the current date appears in the selected cell. This date will remain static, not being updated at any time during the life of the spreadsheet.
5. Utilize the procedure that is outlined above to insert the static date into any other cells in the spreadsheet where you would like to display a static date.

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